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Per Card Pricing
  • 1-50 Active Cards
    • $150/month per Card
    • Account Opening: $2,500 USD
    • Loading Fee: 2%
  • 50+ Active Cards
    • $80/month per Card after 50
    • Loading Fee: 2%
  • 100+ Active Cards
    • $50/month per Card after 100
    • Loading Fee: 2%

* Multiple high approval Bank Issuing (BIN) Options

* Only pay for approved cards

* Activation fees are refundable anytime during the first 15 days. No questions asked.

* Concierge priority skype support available.

* 2% Loading Fee is charged by our banking partners

  • Free Card Replacements For BIN Failures
  • Card Wallet Activation Fee (One time fee due only after 15 days of active service. It is not due if you cancel service within 15 days): $2,500
  • Card Loading: 2% or Less (hard cost from banks only)

Amazing Add-ons (Optional)




Live chat with our media payment specialists and get guaranteed same day service on any request. Simply the fastest full-service payment cards solution for affiliates on the planet.

  • Live Skype Chat Support
  • Faster Digital Wallet Funding



Not only do you get the cards you need, but you get the intel on how to use them. If your experiencing “suspicious payment” issues our in house super affiliate will help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem in your set up.

  • Live Skype Chat Support with Super Affiliate
  • 24 hour responses (Monday - Friday)
  • Scale like a pro
VIP Service

Everything You Need


Get all the benefits of Cybersecure, Concierge and Suspicious payment assistance all in one discounted package.

  • Cybersecure included
  • Concierge included
  • Suspicious payment assistance included

"The Crowne Cards trial lets you experience our premium service for only the cost of the cards. Whether you need poof the cards work, or help on how to use them to avoid issues funding your accounts, this trial accomplishes it all."

Trial Offer Details and Instructions IMPORTANT

 Get Your Coupon Code and Pay For Your Cards

” Click the “start now” button on this page you be redirected through a checkout process. Please follow the instructions there and pay for your cards.

Sign Our Agreement And fund Your Wallet

Within 1 business day a member if our team will contact you to sign our agreement and invoice you to fund your digital wallet via wire. The invoice will cover; ad spend, the wallet minimum balance. Your digital wallet must always maintain a minimum balance of at least $2500.

Access Our Online Portal

Next you will get access to our online portal where you can add, remove, and fund your cards. A flat 2% card loading fee will apply whenever you fund a card from your wallet. You will owe this charge on your following months invoice.” If you have any issues using the portal you will have skype access to our support team with the included “Concierge” service in your trial. You can also customize the name of address of the cards without KYC since you have “Cybersecure” included with your trial.

Use Your Cards

Use your cards for ad spend and top up as needed for 30 days. If you still need the card you will pay a flat monthly renewal fee of $50 per card monthly. Normally, a one-time activation fee of $2500 after your first 30 days of service would apply but this is waived with your trial. If you experience any issues using the cards, like suspicious payments our in-house super affiliate will help you troubleshoot if your trial includes “Suspicious Payment Assistance

Complete Your Trial

When done with the cards, move any unspent funds back to your wallet and close the card. At the end of the 30 days you will meet with your account manager to discuss which services you would like to keep moving forward.

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