Frequently Asked Questions

No limits on the amount card you can get or daily spending. Easily attach name and addresses. No waiting, get new cards instantly. Get support on how to use the cards if your having issues. Not limited to one BIN. No risk with identity protection.

1 for a normal membership. 10 for our trial.

The wallet minimum is a minimum balance you must maintain in your account with us. It is insurance for us in case a client can’t pay a bill as many fee’s (not adspend) are post pay. The minimum ranges from 1k to 5k based on your spending amount.

The activation fee is our set up costs. It is a fee of $2.5k due 30 days after starting service. And no you don’t have to pay if you sign up for our trial.

Yes! They work on any advertising network!

USA, Canada, and a few European countries. Our cards work in any jurisdiction though. Please contact us for the most up to date list.

Nope: Only for the cards, ad spend, and loading fees.