"Super Affiliate Masterclass™ is our comprehensive affiliate training and consulting system for either Facebook or Google Adwords. It is lead by our SuperAffiliate partner, who teaches our clients working methods for farming and monetizing accounts."

Training Program Summary

Who is this for? This is one system for both affiliates wanting to learn how to create a network of real accounts to rent or help troubleshooting their current operation.

Introduction to Account Renting
  • Overview of the 10 most important rental principles
  • Rules to follow during the process (the do’s and don’ts)
  •  List of resources needed to begin
Foundational Setup
  • Find your network
  • What and how to compensate (compensation structure for the users)
  • What and how to say what your doing (user compliance)
  • How to set up and access the profile remotely
  • Security block avoidance
  • Account Management Template
Clean Page Setup
  • Domain name setup and requirements
  • Page content creation, templates, and guidelines
  • CDN (Central Delivery Network) setup
  • CMS (Content Management System) setup
Advertising Account Creation
  • Billing name and address selection (how to fund successfully)
  • Account creation steps (create in mass without setting off fraud filters)
Funding and Warmup (with CROWNE CARDS)
  • Funding requirements and setup
  • Warming steps and setup
  • Clean campaign requirements and setup (bypass system filters)
  • Pixel setup (network specific)
  • Opening budget raising best practices
  • Account management template (asana task and workflow)
  • Appeal process procedures (get back lost accounts)
Rental Troubleshooting

“Fix My System” session – If you have an existing operation we break down your current system to fix your issues. (2 hour max, solution guaranteed)

  • 2 hour clarification session to confirm you fully understand all aspects of the system and your plan moving forward
  • 3 months of updates and intel in case of any algorithm changes
Traffic Module (Included w/ GOLD and ENTERPRISE)
  • How to spend least amount of time and money on clean spend
  • How to create high converting ads and the mistakes to avoid
  • Examples of successful ads
  • How to get your ads auto approved
  • How to safely increase your budget as fast and high as possible
  • How to create and structure a campaign
  • How to manage and optimize a campaign
  • How to set up and manage a cloaker
  • How to set up campaign targeting
  • Examples of targeting that works right now
  • How to split test efficiently
  • How to set up your daily workflow to manage your accounts and campaigns
Traffic Troubleshooting (advanced)
  • How to avoid getting review disabled accounts
  • How to survive reviews once flagged
  • How to appeal and get back disabled accounts successfully at least 50% of the time
  • How to get aggressive (even celeb) ads auto approved
  • How to revive a stale campaign
  • How to profit during high click price events like December holidays etc

Standalone Masterclass



  • Choose 1 Topic (Farm, Rent, or Traffic)
  • Clarification or problem solving sessions included
  • 3 months of system updates included
  • Continued Support after 10 weeks (Optional): $3000/month



(Everything in Bronze + Coaching)


  • Timeframe: 10 weeks
  • Phone Support: 1hr/week
  • Chat support: 4hr/week (24 hr response time)
  • Continued Support after 10 weeks (Optional): $3000/month

(Everything in Silver + MORE Coaching)


  • Timeframe: 10 weeks
  • Phone Support: 1hr/week
  • Chat support: 4hr/week (24 hr response time)
  • Includes Skype Access to the SuperAffiliate
  • Includes Traffic Monetization Module
  • Includes 1 Year of system updates
  • Continued Support after 10 weeks (Optional): $3000/month

(Everything in Gold + EVEN MORE Coaching and Campaigns)


  • Timeframe: 12 weeks
  • Phone Support: 1hr/week
  • Chat support: 4hr/week (same day response)
  • Direct Skype Access to a Super Affiliate
  • Exclusive Traffic Monetization Module
  • Includes 1 Year of system updates
  • Ads copy review
  • Campaign Troubleshooting
  • Access to converting offers and campaigns
  • Continued Support after 12 weeks (Optional): $3000/month

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